Water Quality

Streamline Measurement offer a wide range of water quality instruments and samplers for monitoring single or multi-parameters. Our portfolio includes Automatic Sampling instruments that take water samples on a periodic or event driven basis along with continuous monitoring instruments that store data locally on a data logger or automatically send the data to the web using our Neon Telemetry systems.  

AP-7000 300x210

Multiparameter Aquaprobes

We offer an advanced range of multiparameter testing instruments to cover all aspects of water quality monitoring.

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Aquacell P2 300x210

Aquacell P2 Compact Sampler

When super-compactness combined with uncompromised sampling performance is required, the P2-COMPACT is the perfect solution.

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WS705 Water Sampler 300x210

WS705 Water Sampler

A single-bottle composite/discrete water sampler combining all the features needed to meet a wide variety of water sampling requirements. 

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